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Rear Axle Bushing Kit for '79-04 Mustang

Just about everyone knows that you need good upper control arms for good traction and handling in the 1979 through 2004 Mustangs. Here is something that maybe you didnít know: Most upper control arms on the market include a new bushing for the front end of the control arm, but donít come with anything for the bushing on the axle, at the other end of the control arm. Thatís like leaving the job only half finished!

Realspeedís bushing kit is just the ticket to finish the job right. It includes new bushings, thrust washers and center sleeves to replace your tired, worn-out rubber axle bushings. The bushing are made from carefully selected, high quality, 88-durometer polyurethane, and molded with beveled edges to precisely control axle movement while still allowing the suspension to articulate freely without binding.

Note: These busing require the re-use of the original steel outer bushing shell. They do not come with outer shells. If you donít have bushing shells for your axle you can purchase new stock Ford bushings (Part number M-4050-B) and use those shells.

Fits 1979-2004 Mustang (except 99-04 Cobra). Part number RS-0001

RS0001Regular price: $74.95Sale price: $59.95

Stock Ford Axle Bushings (Rubber) & Install KitThis inexpensive little kit from Ford Racing includes the little extra parts you will need to finish the installation of an 8.8Ē axle if you are starting from scratch with all new parts: 2 stock rubber bushings for the axle housing, 2 C-clips to secure the axles, and a bottle of Friction Modifier to for the gear oil.

M-4050-B$49.95 Ph.631-563-7325

All parts listed are for the Ford Mustang unless otherwise noted.

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