Adding a nut to the adjuster takes up adjustment space. The Steeda cable adjuster can be screwed in as close or closer to the firewall than any other cable adjuster on the market. This provides more adjustment range. This adjustment range can NOT be made up simply making the screw longer. If the screw is too long it will hit the quadrant when it is screwed all the way in to the firewall.

Most cable adjusters have a 1-1/2 inch diameter adjusting knob, because it is a common and cheap material size to begin manufacturing with. Unfortunately, this happens to be just smaller than the plastic fitting on the end of the cable. This makes it hard to grip the knob when making adjustments, because your fingers hit the cable before gripping the knob. The Steeda adjuster is made from a larger piece of material, which is then machined to the proper size. It costs a little more to make this way, but we feel it is worth it.

I just bought a firewall adjuster and was wondering how the set screw and inner sleeve works.

The inner sleeve fits snugly on the mushroom shaped nipple on the end of the stock cable. This keeps the sleeve from rotating on the cable. The set-screw keeps the adjuster from rotating on the sleeve.
We also tested the sleeve with the nipple cut off, to see what would happen if the customer accidentally filed off the nipple or if the nipple size was out of tolerance. In that case you simply keep tightening the set-screw until the inner sleeve bends inward to contact the cable. The adjuster will lock in place, easily. When you want to make another adjustment, back the set-screw out at least 1/8 inch. Rotate the cable and re-tighten.

The inner sleeve is designed to be removable from the firewall adjuster so that the adjuster is compatible with all brands of adjustable clutch cables. This is done to make service parts easier to find for the consumer. The majority of the adjustable cables on the market were originally designed for the 82-93 Mustang. They will work on the newer cars, but the diameter of the end-fitting is too large to fit into a cable adjuster designed for only a ’94 or newer Mustang.

We have had many cars come into our service shop that could not get enough adjustment with a “brand X” cable adjuster and quadrant. In many cases the customers wanted to solve the problem by adding an adjustable cable, since their stock cable was old and worn. Unfortunately, the inside diameter of the “brand X” cable adjuster was too small to fit an adjustable cable. Many times they opted to start all over with a new cable and new adjuster that would fit with the new cable. The removable sleeve in the Steeda adjuster is designed to save the consumer money and frustration by avoiding this situation altogether. Not only is the adjustment range greater than those other brand adjusters, the inside diameter can be changed to fit different cables by simply removing or installing the adapter sleeve. This way you will never have to buy another adjuster just because you want to change cables.

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