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The JLT Pre Filter is basically an inline filter to help collect the fine oil vapors before they get into your intake system and drain them back into your engine.

All engines are prone to oil being re-circulated back into the intake track through the PCV system. While this is normal it can cause sticky throttle, clogged intercooler fins, gummed up intake runners, carbon deposits and can even lower the octane rating of your fuel.

Most of the oil coming through the PCV system is coming from the PCV side where the JLT Oil Separator should be used, but some can come in the opposite side as well. Check your intake tube for oil to see if you are getting any oil on the none PCV valve side. If you are then this Pre Filter can help stop it.

The BEST set up would be our Oil Separator on the PCV side and a Pre Filter on the other side.

    JLT Pre-Filter Ideal fitment guide:
  • 96-04 Cobra- passenger side
  • 99-04 Mustang GT 4.6- driver side
  • 99-03 Lightning- drivers side
  • 03,04 Marauder- driver side
  • 03,04 MACH I- Passenger side

This will work on all 96-04 Cobras, Lightning, MACH I, Marauder and most all cars equipped with a standard base PCV valve (some hose re routing may be needed on some models. List above is our recommended fitment.

    Parts included:
  • Pre Filter housing with mesh filter
  • rubber grommets
  • 1 90* fitting

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