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Thanks to everyone for making our 2007 Fall Dyno Day the best ever! Congratulations to John Fairchild for making the most horsepower on Dyno Day with his '04 Cobra!

Realspeed Automotive and hosted our 3rd annual Dyno Day, Barbecue and Car Show, Sunday September 30th, from 10 AM until 5 PM. 15 cars signed up to get 2 runs on Realspeed’s MD1100-SE Mustang Dyno. Each received a printout showing horsepower, torque, and the all-important air fuel ratio for each run, as well as a T-shirt and all the burgers and drinks they could eat.

The crew from was on-hand serving food and drinks and showing off their cars. As usual, lots of spectators are came down to enjoy the show, hang out with other Mustang enthusiasts and grab a bite to eat at the Realspeed barbecue. Special thanks to Chris Delano and his dad for coming down early to help set up and for manning the grill all day long.

Click on the pictures to see a larger image. Thanks to Robyn Carlson and Michael Esser for the pictures.

Steve Valle2
Steve Valle 4
Kevin Appel 1
Kevin Appel 3
Jeff Cannet 2
Jeff Cannet 4
Jeff Cannet 5
Don Cannet 3
Don Cannet 4
Don Born 2
Discussing Results DD07
Don Born 5
John Fairchild 2
Keith Schadoff 1
Tom Huber 3
Tom Huber 4
John Ringold 3
John Ringold 4
Ron Hoage 2
Phil Santisi 1
Phil Santisi 3
Sal Pizzo 1
Sal Pizzo 3
Sal Pizzo 4
Tom Grecula 2
Tom Grecula 4
Nick Makowicz 3
Nick Makowicz 4
Zach Riyaz 1
Zach Riyaz 5
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