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Thanks to everyone for making Dyno Day 2006 a success! Thanks to Tony, John, Joy and everyone else who helped flip burgers and kept the food coming hot off the grill. Thanks to Tony for the coffee and donuts in the morning. Special thanks to Tom Arnao for providing tables, chairs and bringing the extra grill and cooler. Also extra-extra thanks Rich Nunez for keeping our dyno computer running smooth. Thanks to Matt, Dayna and Henry for cleaning up and generally being available to help out. Everyone should also thank Dan M. for hustling to get 12 cars strapped down and hooked up to the dyno in just 7 hours.

Thanks to LiStangs for bringing the crew down to hang out and of course the biggest thank you goes to all the Realspeed customers who came down to use the dyno and visit the shop. Hope to see you again soon!

Congratulations to Tom Maloney for making the most power on Dyno Day!

Click on the pictures to see a larger image. Thanks to Rich Nunez and Robyn Carlson for the photos.

Frank Fazio 4
Frank Fazio 3
Frank Fazio 5
Thomas Maloney
Thomas Maloney 2
Thomas Maloney 3
Kara DeCastro
Kara De Castro 2
Kara De Castro 3
George Wysotta
George Wysotta 3
George Wysotta 3
Al Galoppe
Al Galoppe 2
Jessica Newton
Jessica Newton 2
Joe Bennardo
Joe Bennardo 2
Sal Pizzo
Sal Pizzo 2
David Lilien 2
David Lilien 3
Roy Anderson
Roy Anderson 2
Aleksy Sprygin
Aleksy Sprygin 2
Julio Peralta
Julio Peralta 2
Julio Peralta 3
Clowning Around
Discussing Results 2
Discussing Results 3
Discussing Results
Installing STB
Back Lot 5
Back Lot 4
Dyno 2_2006
Dyno 2006
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