Billet Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator 86-93

With this adjustable fuel pressure regular you'll be able to tune your fuel pressure for best performance with an adjustable pressure regulator. The new improved design of this billet regulator flows 30% more fuel, eliminating problems with idle fuel pressure surges and large fuel pumps*. Made with all new parts machined from billet aluminum and steel (not just a modified stock regulator like some cheap brands), these regulators feature a double o-ring seal and a very wide range of adjustment. This is a direct bolt-on to the stock fuel rail.

* These regulators have larger feed and return fittings, which reduces restriction in the regulator. If you are running a 255 lph or larger pump and a stock regulator, you may have noticed that fuel pressure at idle is higher than when driving at part throttle. This is because the pump pumps more fuel than can free-flow through the regulator. Under load the engine uses some of the excess fuel, so the regulator functions normally. But at idle the fuel is not needed and has return to the tank through the regulator. Pressure climbs above normal because the fuel flow back to the tank is restricted by the regulator fittings. This causes a rich condition at idle, wasting fuel, increasing emissions, and shortening the life of the spark plugs. This regulator eliminates the restriction, allowing better control of fuel pressure in all conditions.

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