Power Pipe 96-04 SC (except 03-04 Cobra) Vortech & Paxton

We have seen an 8 rwhp improvement on the AFM dyno with no other changes than the Anderson Power Pipe® using the stock Vortech pullies. With smaller pullies we have seen increases of one to three pounds of boost over the standard Vortech inlet pipe

The AFM POWER PIPE®, with its all mandrel bent construction, is the highest flowing inlet pipe available for centrifugal superchargers. We also put the mass air in the inner fenderwell for a cooler intake charge.

AFM POWER PIPES® were developed because of the need for a supercharger intake pipe that would flow at a higher rate of CFM, with a larger volume of air, brought on by the demand that new Vortech, Procharger and Paxton have when making 10 lb of boost or more.

AF-0110ARegular price: $249.95Sale price: $124.97
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