Cobra IRS Differential Cover Brace

The Cobra IRS differential cover is cast in aluminum, a material prized for its unique property of strength without the weight of steel or cast iron. Yet aluminum is not as flexible as steel, so when you push your Cobra to the limit, you may be applying enough force to twist the cover beyond it's ability to flex. Repeatedly doing this causes the metal to break, with the result show in the left side of the photo.

Steeda designed the steel brace shown in the right side of the photo to strengthen the differential mount to prevent cracking. The Steeda brace attaches to the differential with 6 bolts where some weaker braces use only 5, yielding greater strength and safety with the Steeda brace. Installation is straightforward using the supplied hardware. An opening in the brace permits easy access to the differential fill plug without the need to remove the brace.

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