G-Trac Kit Stage 1 "Street" 99-01 Cobra

This G-trac kit is great to improved handling and style on the road and occasional on-track events.

Kit includes:

Steeda Full Length Subrframe Connectors - These true full-length connectors run the entire length of the floor pan for increased chassis rigidity, better handling and improved ride.

Steeda 4-Bolt Caster Camber Plates - These Caster Camber plates allow total adjustment of caster and camber for maximum handling.Perfectly balance caster for straight tracking and camber dwell for tight cornering.

Steeda Sport Springs - These springs lower the car approximately 1 full inch and improve handling without sacrificing ride quality.

Steeda 2-Point Strut Tower Brace - This strengthens the front suspension structure, eliminating flexing of the strut towers where loads from the strut and spring are transmitted to the car.

Heavy Duty Cross Memeber

Fits 1999 and 2001 Mustang Cobra

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