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Steeda Adjustable Sway Bar Kit 2011 GT

Steeda's adjustable swaybar kit for the 2011 Mustang features an adjustable front swaybar with three position adjusts for stiffness to provide from ten percent up to fifteen percent increase in roll stiffness depending on the setting. Front swaybar uses 35mm diameter tubing and our exclusive TIG welded billet steel ends to ensure greater strength and reliability versus other designs with coined (stamped) ends.

The rear swaybar is made from solid 25mm diameter steel tubing and is a direct replacement of the factory bar providing an increase in roll stiffness of twenty five percent. Billet swaybar ends and polyurethane bushings also are included. Together the swaybars will decrease overall body roll and reduce vehicle understeer. Both swaybars have matching powdercoated finish for looks and corrosion resistance. Track tested and race proven on our Steeda's own 2011 Mustang

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All parts listed are for the Ford Mustang unless otherwise noted.

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