Firewall Clutch Adjuster 82-04

Looking for an easy way to adjust your clutch? Steeda's firewall mounted clutch adjuster lets you adjust clutch engagement without having to crawl under the car. Just turn the adjuster knob on the firewall and you're done! Of course you expect the best , so we went the extra mile and designed this part with a bigger adjustment range than the other guy's, plus a handy locking tab and larger diameter knob so you can adjust it with one hand! A set screw locks in adjustments without compromising adjustment range like bulky nuts used by some other adjusters. Includes an adapter sleeve to fit early (Fox) and late (SN95/SN97) style clutch cables. A hex wrench for the set screw is even included.

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NOTE: Requires a non-adjustable clutch quadrant for adjustments to work properly. Should be used with Steeda's Double Hook Quadrant, Quick Release Quadrant, or other quadrant designed for use with a firewall clutch adjuster.


More about the firewall adjuster
Frequently Asked Questions and special features about our firewall adjuster. Ph.631-563-7325

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