3-Piece Billet Pedal Kits 05-10

Add a race car look to your Mustang and improve driving performance with billet aluminum pedals. They have a wider surface for easier heel & toe down-shifting and just plain look cool.

These pedals are custom fitted just for the Mustang and attach with screws to your stock pedals. This provides a much more secure attachment than generic one-size-fits-all clamp-on pedal kits. Installation is simple, requiring only a drill and a screwdriver.

Includes clutch, gas and brake pedals. Automatic transmission kits include gas, brake and footrest pedals. Note: All 3-piece kits are for a manual transmission unless otherwise specified.

Fits 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Mustang GT and V6.


Plain Pedals3 Piece pedal kit plain

SP305Regular price: $49.95Sale price: $29.97
Pony Pedals3 Piece Kit with pony logo

SP305PONYRegular price: $49.95Sale price: $29.97

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All parts listed are for the Ford Mustang unless otherwise noted.

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